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Your Flow

Be mindful how your mind naturally creates boxes while reading labels and words. Reading is a revolving validation to the physical survival mind, that we are separate from everything. Know true freedom, free your mind, liberate your spirit.

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It's Natural, it's Tribal,

it's Transcendental, it's Freedom...


All of us continue to grow in our understanding of life individually. This includes looking at things a little bit differently then others and seeing what works and what doesn't work. Religions and other related systems are filled with words to describe to the mind what your heart naturally does when not restricted by the mind. Baby memories? When these labels and names are not taught correctly it can have the opposite effect of unifying and prevent our mind from letting our heart connect with our natural flow and drive to sustain our own happiness and peace, which will eventually translate to a more peaceful planet.

Renn Julyn


"love with all your might"

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"The ultimate communion".

My unity event happened in 99. I recently turned 33, my prognosis for a full recovery from an ATV accident was zero. I was looking at years to recover and possibly never being able to be fully functional again, resulting from a TBI. A friend introduced me to a meditation, I found I liked it. Fortunately I found I could and loved to spend all day in deep meditation. I added my  own techniques and found one that led me to the ultimate communion. It was as if I stepped into heaven while still fully human. It began while I was on a phone call with my friend,

I wanted to let you know that this is naturally simple and possible  now to deeply connect and join your higher self allowing you to feel peaceful and whole all day while be guided and shown new paths to take on your life's journey. The ego will settle for the co-pilot role in the passenger seat, as you let your heart drive your journey.

Renn Julyn

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