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Renn Julyn


Naturally Simple, Effortless, Exponentially Effective

As babies without thought, we experience perfect peace, then life introduces labels for survival purposes, the mind eventually grabs hard onto this with the ferocity of keep me alive, keep me safe. We can all rebalance the heart-mind relationship and experience deep sense of permanent peace.

HEARTSFLIGHT is a rebalancing, self reflection interactive art tool that becomes part of your cellular memory.

This is how instant and permanent peace and liberation from the mind is possible.

Designed for ease of use by anyone regardless of belief or culture.

This is not about making the pain disappear, it's about the control of it. Liberating your heart from the tight grasp of labels frees you to be happy, driven, and love life again. Youthful at any age is how we are designed to be.


A natural outcome of HEARTSLIGHT is the ISEE technique to instantly control anxiety when it flares up.

Conversing? Nervous? Anxious? Driving?, Flying?

Instant relief and no one will ever know...

ISEE.ONE is saying ISEE Unity



Love creates Unity

Starry Night

ISEE Instant Serenity Effortlessly Effective
se·ren·i·ty /səˈrenədē/ noun
the state of calm, peaceful, and untroubled. "an oasis of serenity amidst chaos"

This is the natural outcome of engaging with heARTsFlight

No thinking or planning ahead.

No deep breathes, eyes remain open. walking, talking,

whatever, whenever.


"It becomes an automatic response when prompted."

A natural and simple way to get calm when you can't be with nature...

You can engage with your HeARTsFlight art anywhere, anytime without any physical art to carry around...

While conversing, waiting at a stop light, standing in line, waiting for your kids...

"Unity is created by love"

"The most important love of your life is your Light.
This is your naturally available key to flow, energy, and drive."

Renn Julyn

"heARTsFlight will enable you the time and ability to love yourself as naturally as the sun shines."

"I recalled a "wonderful infant" memory..."

Our conscious awareness as infants is 100% "purity"
"NPPSUS" is experienced with stillness, no thoughts...
Nature's Perfectly Pure State of Unified Stillness.

This wonderful feeling of unified perfect peace remains close to 100% in the first few months of life. Then slowly fades completely from our memory,
The survival training is long, complicated, and taught without wisdom of U
Life hardens fast...

Why is this important?
This is the nexus of our current mental health crisis.
There is no solid foundation of what is self, leaving many broken, living unhappy lives and easily getting mad, angry, and violent toward others and themselves.
Drugs and Alcohol help mimic the relaxed happy state that is natural.


Renn Julyn

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